4T virtual conference – May 2012

I attended this conference over the weekend – I ended up just picking a selection of workshops that really appealed to me as I didn’t want to spend the entire weekend on the computer!  I did get a few really great resources that I thought I would share in case anybody wanted to have a look!

The first one was called App Attack– 30 apps in 60 minutes.  Lots of great ideas but many that were already shared through the variety of PD we’ve done with TTCT. Some of the apps for research were dictionary, wikipanion, dragon to go (for iphone), itranslate, google earth, app shopper.  For notes and PDF tasks, they suggested dropbox, neu.Annotate.PDF (this allows you to pull up a PDF and write over it), iBooks, Audio Note Lite, Dragon Dictation, Evernote, Reminders, Notability (creates notes that you can add to dropbox – can highlight your writing).   To enhance classroom instruction they suggested  ITunes U (free courses and lectures), Edmodo ** (this is one to look into – highly recommended throughout the conference), Schoology, Toontastic, Classroom 2.0, eClicker, showme.  Finally, for collaboration, they suggested Popplet Lite, Brain Pop, Discovery Education (vast media library), Khan Academy, This Day (in history), and Socrative (assessment tool), iWorks, Join Me (others can see what you have on your laptop).

The second one was called Creating and Using QR Codes in the Classroom and Library.  This one was really interesting – tons of classroom and library activities and suggestions on ways to use QR codes to extend student learning and create real world connections.  The link to her livebinder account with all the interesting suggestions is here.  The wikispace with her presentation is here.  One good site she suggested was http://delivr.com (allows you to track your QR codes and see when and how they’ve been accessed).

The third session was called Media Circles: Cooperative Learning for Media-Savvy Teachers and it incorporated the use of media into classroom practice.  The assignment can be found here.  They talked at length about the importance of analyzing and discussing the media clips that you use rather than using them in isolation.  The purpose is to provide background knowledge, or to access the knowledge and so discussion needs to follow.

The keynote, From Fear to Facebook, talked about the wide range of technology in schools – from schools that block it out completely, to schools that integrate it completely and have a participatory culture.  One really key point from the keynote was the need to have students contribute to the acceptable use policy – creating a Q & A type policy so that it becomes a living document that students have helped to create.

The next session was called Modeling Lifelong Learners Through Technology and was about creating your own PLN.  She encouraged the use of Google Reader to create a reading list with educational blogs and talked at length about the benefits of being engaged in a Professional Learning Network.  Some sites she suggested were:

http://www.diigo.com (can save sites and articles – can join groups)

http://www.edublogawards.com (links to award winning blogs and websites)




Finally, the link to the presentation was here.

For a staff presentation, she had this link.

And finally, she was offering a teaching course with sessions.  Here is the link for that one.

The next course was called Teaching with Twitter – and I didn’t find it that useful.  Many of the activities I was familiar with and they didn’t resolve the issue of how to engage kids that don’t have a cell phone or a twitter account – which I find to be a huge stumbling block in using twitter.

The last one was called The Global Classroom and would be very relevant to the concept of the flipped classroom.  The link to the presentation can be found here.

There were many, many more sessions… but those were the ones I found most relevant.

If you made it this far… thanks for reading!  I would happy to discuss any of these further if any of you are interested!


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