Learning through technology..wanting to learn more about edtech? Here are some sessions that I’ve shared with our Campbell Technology Team. Enjoy!

Learning through technology

Hello to all!

There are a number of educational technology opportunities out there and I thought some of them might be of interest to you.  The nice thing about the online sessions is that it allows you to pick and choose the topics that might be of interest for you!

1. Educational Technology and Media – (Massive Open Online Course)cropped-headNavy

There are a number of sessions that run from mid January until the end of March.  This is different than other online seminars in that it is a continuous learning process versus certain shorter sessions.  Access the link to find more info or to register.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Welcome (Jan 13-19): Welcome Event & Orientation to #etmooc
  • Topic 1 (Jan 20-Feb. 2): Connected Learning – Tools, Processes & Pedagogy
  • Topic 2 (Feb 3-16): Digital Storytelling – Multimedia, Remixes & Mashups
  • Topic 3 (Feb 17-Mar 2): Digital Literacy…

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