My first #etmooc experience… here we go!


I’ve mentioned previously that I worked with a number of colleagues developing a technology catalyst team last year.  Our primary goal was to use technology in a meaningful way, to foster engagement while reaching outcomes but also, teaching students about digital fluency and their role in achieving it.  I adored my experience with the Thom Technology Catalyst team, primarily because it truly forced me to think about my own teaching practice, my love of technology, and how to fuse the two in a way that is truly meaningful and authentic for students.  How do I become a better teacher?  How can I have a best practice with  new skills around technology?

I’ve continued to try to grow my PLN since then, and as I have much to learn, I have participated in a number of online “sessions” regarding edtech, the tools, the applications, the discussions.  I very much enjoy the online component as I am balancing parenting two small children, a new job and a masters class, and the online piece permits to advance at my own pace (or, you know, when the children are sleeping!).

Enter #etmooc.  A while ago I began to hear about this online course; many of the staff in the tech catalyst team were involved, and another school that I support (#hawrylak) has a number of teachers that do an amazing job integrating technology.  I’ve been working with another technology team at a different school (#cctech) this year and since I presented this as a PD option, I decided I needed to jump in headfirst.

#Etmooc = Massive Open Online course for educational technology and media.  This online series of courses related to technology integration, primarily, has hundreds of professionals from around the world collaborating to learn, to share, to expand their own knowledge and experience.  I am very excited to get started tomorrow night and since the first “assignment” is to create some sort of visual representation presenting myself, my interest in #etmooc and what I hope to gain from the experience, more postings to come!

Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “My first #etmooc experience… here we go!

  1. Hi, glad to meet you and looking forward to reading more about your mooc impressions. I’ve done a few and now #etmooc. Orientation and making sure I’m on feeds tops today’s to do list.

    • Hi Vanessa! Nice to meet you and thanks for following! I will check in and follow you (and others) as well – look forward to learning with you.

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