Posted in February 2013

To This Day Project

I saw this amazing video today that I knew I had to share.   Watch this beautiful short spoken poem from Shane Koyczan and help to start and continue conversations that hopefully results in action, and change. Share this with your students, your advisory group, anybody and everybody.  Let’s share the message.

Saturday morning learning in the dojo

Recently I read this post by Brian Stack of Connected Principals comparing the karate studio as an example of a competency based classroom. In this blog posting, he discusses the elements of the karate studio that are examples of excellence in teaching practice.  While I was at karate class with my five year old son Sam … Continue reading

“Fixing” broken grades

Assessment has always been an interesting professional discussion for me.  Much of my knowledge around “best practice” for assessment has been accrued through professional dialogue with colleagues and friends.  Coming from a high school background as well, my practice has tended to be influenced by factors truly not related to the mastery of the outcomes in question.  … Continue reading

PWIM superstars! aka categorizing and classifying

The students at Hawrylak are doing an amazing job learning their PWIM words; now they are continuing on the process and learning how to classify words according to their attributes.  I have been lucky enough to work with both Rebekah Picard (gr 2) and Danielle Robertson (gr2/3) and have learned so much about the PWIM … Continue reading