Sharing with the Campbell Technology Team – Sugata Mitra via TED talks – a must see for educators everywhere!

Learning through technology

In our last conversation about technology integration, lesson design and the purposeful use of technology in a specific context, one thing stuck out for me, so much so that I keep thinking about it.   There was lots of fantastic discussion and much to ponder (post to come) but specifically, it was Jordan’s mention of the role of the teacher shifting from a teacher centered and focused environment to a student centered environment with the teacher acting as a facilitator for learning rather than the focus.

This point reminded me of Sugata Mitra’s TED talks, which, if you haven’t seen, you should.  These two clips specifically speak to what children can do when they have absolute autonomy to learn and the device with which to do so.  It further speaks to Alec’s comment on Friday about what students can do “if we just get out of the way”.

Anyway – have…

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