#EdCampYQR – An “unconference” for teachers, by teachers
Professional Development Opportunity – August 2013 – EdTech and more!

I’m so very excited about this pd opportunity for teachers that is coming up in August. I am fortunate enough to sit on a committee with a group who is as excited as I about promoting Regina’s first EdCamp. Although I am passionate about educational technology and how students learn, I think what is most exciting to me is the proposed sessions, with feedback gathered from our own Regina Public teachers and staff. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a PD opportunity quite like this, where teachers get to pick a ‘good fit’ PD option based on their need and desire. Here is the information and please, share, share, and share some more!

EdCampYQR – Regina Public Schools
is proud to present Regina’s first EdCamp. On Thursday, August 29th, from 8:30 – 12, teachers and staff from pre K-12, are invited to join other colleagues in the division at Campus Regina Public (formerly Cochrane High School). An “edcamp” is a professional development opportunity unlike any other; it’s an “unconference” where the sessions are decided the day of the event, driven by participant interest and need. Anyone can present and anyone can lead a discussion. Although the focus may be educational technology, it may evolve into discussions about everything and anything related to teaching practice.

But what is an EdCamp, you may ask? Check out this xtranormal video to learn more!

You are invited to follow along (and pre-register) on the blog at http://edcampyqr.wordpress.com, and to follow all updates on twitter @EdCampYQR.

In addition, we would request that you fill out this brief survey – so that we can better identify your needs / desires as participants.

We are very excited about this unique opportunity for teachers and staff alike. All are welcome and we look forward to this professional development driven by teachers, for teachers.


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