The witness blanket / Treaty 4 The Next Generation

I’m really excited to be a part of this amazing collaborative project that is happening at Campbell Collegiate and that involves a number of Regina Public School students from Balfour, Scott and Martin.

Two teachers at Campbell, Leia Laing and Naomi Fortier-Freçon, are trying to help their students understand what it means to be a citizen of treaty four.  They have a variety of instructional activities and special guests planned, with the culmination of the project being a two day youth conference.  During the first day, students will attend a variety of workshops that will hopefully guide them to better understand the meaning of citizenship in treaty 4 territory and the implications of treaty negotiations.  The hope is that they will move beyond a superficial understanding of treaty learnings and begin to apply this in a broader context.   On the second day, the students will be working collaboratively  with SK artist Ray Keighley to create an art project that represents their understanding of treaty citizenship.

One of the activities, in which I was fortunate enough to be able to participate, was a visit to see The Witness Blanket, which was at the U of R until the end of February.  The Witness Blanket is an art installation, where the artist has pulled artefacts from residential schools; this includes tiles, glass, wood, books, letters, photographs, and much more, all woven together to share the residential school experience and to give those who underwent this a voice.

I felt very fortunate to have been able to attend this installation and especially, with these students who are looking to know more, to understand more.

To follow these students and teachers on their journey, please follow their blog.  

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