Small groups… One week in

I’ve been working with this structure for a week now and already I’ve made a number of changes.  The needs in my class and feedback from students have prompted some of these changes; but in part, they are to facilitate transitions and make use of every moment of time we have together.

My students are studying a novel that allows for lots of discussion.  I want to be able to hear them read, to discuss challenging passages, to increase their fluency and comprehension.

Last week I introduced this structure and we jumped right in.  In this time I have listened to every one of my 28 students read in French and have been able to give them feedback to help them move forward.  Students are progressing on the centre tasks and at one of the centres, l’expression orale, I have them documenting their discussions through the tellegami app or using the camera on the iPads to allow me to check on their progress. 
I’ve created groups myself this week, and although it removes the immediate element of choice, it helps the groups to focus as at this point I have created groups for the ability to work independently.My writing centre today introduced the task of creating a found poem, centered around a key chapter.  Students were engaged and on task.

 Now that our structure is in place, I need to allow for it to become more natural for this group.  I’m going to try to avoid changing anything else until we have the chance to practice the transitions and expectations are clear.

So far, so good!

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