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Professional Learning with a spin

#EdCampYQR: professional learning with a spin Back in August, Regina Public Schools saw the first ever EdCamp professional development opportunity. It was a new option for teachers in Regina Public at that time; the concept of professional development where the schedule was set the day of the event was disconcerting to many.  The event drew … Continue reading

To This Day Project

I saw this amazing video today that I knew I had to share.   Watch this beautiful short spoken poem from Shane Koyczan and help to start and continue conversations that hopefully results in action, and change. Share this with your students, your advisory group, anybody and everybody.  Let’s share the message.

“Fixing” broken grades

Assessment has always been an interesting professional discussion for me.  Much of my knowledge around “best practice” for assessment has been accrued through professional dialogue with colleagues and friends.  Coming from a high school background as well, my practice has tended to be influenced by factors truly not related to the mastery of the outcomes in question.  … Continue reading

Digital learning = deeper learning?

Technology integration in the classroom is, truly, an area of passion for me.  And I do believe that it is a continuous quest to seek to improve our skills in this area.  Much of the negative feedback about technology integration speaks to its superficiality; that we are substituting the traditional and making no true pedagogical changes. I don’t … Continue reading

Why are we afraid of technology in the classroom?

I was reading this post by Stacy Anderson on the implications of social media as a teaching tool.  This article really got me thinking.  I’ve seem some really amazing teaching that has succesfully integrated social media and all of those tools that students are typically using.  On the other hand, I’ve been focusing on finishing my … Continue reading

The Flipped Classroom

One of the members of our Campbell Tech team is trying out some new things with the flipped classroom model.  He was very interested in the online resources offered to teachers in our system through the Ministry of Education (ROVER, online databases, Adobe Connect & Blackboard systems). I came across this infographic on the flipped … Continue reading