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Small groups… One week in

I’ve been working with this structure for a week now and already I’ve made a number of changes.  The needs in my class and feedback from students have prompted some of these changes; but in part, they are to facilitate transitions and make use of every moment of time we have together. My students are … Continue reading

PWIM superstars! aka categorizing and classifying

The students at Hawrylak are doing an amazing job learning their PWIM words; now they are continuing on the process and learning how to classify words according to their attributes.  I have been lucky enough to work with both Rebekah Picard (gr 2) and Danielle Robertson (gr2/3) and have learned so much about the PWIM … Continue reading

Learning with PWIM – moving on to word cards

Apprendre des nouveaux mots en français avec Mlle Picard– Rebekah has been continuing on without me in her grade 2 French Immersion class and it is so neat to see the progress that her students have made in their PWIM words during my absence! Over the past week, Rebekah’s students have been developing mastery of … Continue reading

Learning with PWIM

I was lucky enough to be welcomed into Rebekah Picard’s grade 2 French Immersion class at École Hawrylak School this week as she began working on the PWIM strategy with her students.  This was my first PWIM experience, coming from a high school background, so Rebekah kindly agreed to let me assist with the process … Continue reading

Why critical reading is important

I found this great blog post this morning (indeed, many of my posts start out that way!) about the importance of critical reading.  Because I just spent a number of days at Campbell Collegiate discussing Why Reading is Important, the previous post appeared at just the right time.  I thought it was very insightful and … Continue reading