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#EdCampYQR – An “unconference” for teachers, by teachers Professional Development Opportunity – August 2013 – EdTech and more! I’m so very excited about this pd opportunity for teachers that is coming up in August. I am fortunate enough to sit on a committee with a group who is as excited as I about promoting Regina’s … Continue reading

Tech and more from the IT Summit!

I had a great time at the IT Summit earlier this month.  Not only was I fortunate enough to attend this great PD opportunity with some fantastic teachers from Campbell and WS Hawrylak schools, but heard some amazing keynotes and sessions around inquiry and assessment that make me miss my adventures in the classroom. I’ll … Continue reading

Risk taking = great teaching?

Photo Credit: marenbruun via Compfight cc I hope that when my own two little boys are in school that they will be fortunate enough to be taught by teachers who are risk takers.  I firmly believe that as professionals, it is essential that we take risks in our pedagogical approach and practice.  As I am fortunate enough … Continue reading

Why are we afraid of technology in the classroom?

I was reading this post by Stacy Anderson on the implications of social media as a teaching tool.  This article really got me thinking.  I’ve seem some really amazing teaching that has succesfully integrated social media and all of those tools that students are typically using.  On the other hand, I’ve been focusing on finishing my … Continue reading

Les blogs & les outils de technologie

Ce vendredi passé, j’ai présenté avec des autres professeurs à notre journée de développement professionnelle pour les professeurs en immersion.  La journée était remplie avec des ateliers engageants par les conseillères pédagogiques ainsi que d’autres professeurs du système public de Regina. Nos présentations mettaient l’emphase sur le blog et son rôle comme outil de communication … Continue reading

Staying relevant in the age of PLCs

As I get to know this job a little bit better, it becomes easier.  I am sure that I will never feel completely comfortable in the role; education, after all, is in a constant state of evolution and what we know to be best practice today might not be so tomorrow.  We are constantly adapting … Continue reading