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Small groups… One week in

I’ve been working with this structure for a week now and already I’ve made a number of changes.  The needs in my class and feedback from students have prompted some of these changes; but in part, they are to facilitate transitions and make use of every moment of time we have together. My students are … Continue reading

Guided groups in a HS FLA classroom

I tried something new in my French Language Arts classroom today… something I’ve never tried in this context before. My group of grade nines is a very diverse group.  There are 28 students in the class and they are working at a wide range of levels, in terms of reading and language skills, and also … Continue reading

Treaty 4 Youth Project

I am really excited to have been a part of an amazing experience that showed me yet again how much I love my role!!  I jumped on board this project with an invitation from two lovely educators at Campbell Collegiate.  These two teachers, Naomi Fortier-Freçon and Leia Laing, were searching for a meaningful way to … Continue reading

The witness blanket / Treaty 4 The Next Generation

I’m really excited to be a part of this amazing collaborative project that is happening at Campbell Collegiate and that involves a number of Regina Public School students from Balfour, Scott and Martin. Two teachers at Campbell, Leia Laing and Naomi Fortier-Freçon, are trying to help their students understand what it means to be a … Continue reading

Professional Learning with a spin

#EdCampYQR: professional learning with a spin Back in August, Regina Public Schools saw the first ever EdCamp professional development opportunity. It was a new option for teachers in Regina Public at that time; the concept of professional development where the schedule was set the day of the event was disconcerting to many.  The event drew … Continue reading


This post has been in the works for a while – and I had better get posting before the event is but a distant memory! Last year, when Alec Couros came to speak to the Technology Catalyst Teams at Sheldon Williams Collegiate, there were some very relevant conversations about how we know what great things … Continue reading

I am stronger – Unkle Adams

Beautiful anti-bullying video with an important message. I loved seeing the Thom Collegiate classrooms, hallways and students come together for an important cause.

Learning from Edtech guru Alec Couros #regteach PD

Professional Development with Professor Alec Couros Over the past couple of years, a number of Regina high schools have been working to create technology catalyst teams.  The mandate of these teams has primarily been to pursue opportunities to learn about technology integration, to support the team members and the school community at large, and to … Continue reading

Originally posted on Learning through technology:
In our last conversation about technology integration, lesson design and the purposeful use of technology in a specific context, one thing stuck out for me, so much so that I keep thinking about it.   There was lots of fantastic discussion and much to ponder (post to come) but specifically,…

Risk taking = great teaching?

Photo Credit: marenbruun via Compfight cc I hope that when my own two little boys are in school that they will be fortunate enough to be taught by teachers who are risk takers.  I firmly believe that as professionals, it is essential that we take risks in our pedagogical approach and practice.  As I am fortunate enough … Continue reading