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Professional Learning with a spin

#EdCampYQR: professional learning with a spin Back in August, Regina Public Schools saw the first ever EdCamp professional development opportunity. It was a new option for teachers in Regina Public at that time; the concept of professional development where the schedule was set the day of the event was disconcerting to many.  The event drew … Continue reading

Tech and more from the IT Summit!

I had a great time at the IT Summit earlier this month.  Not only was I fortunate enough to attend this great PD opportunity with some fantastic teachers from Campbell and WS Hawrylak schools, but heard some amazing keynotes and sessions around inquiry and assessment that make me miss my adventures in the classroom. I’ll … Continue reading

“Fixing” broken grades

Assessment has always been an interesting professional discussion for me.  Much of my knowledge around “best practice” for assessment has been accrued through professional dialogue with colleagues and friends.  Coming from a high school background as well, my practice has tended to be influenced by factors truly not related to the mastery of the outcomes in question.  … Continue reading

Why critical reading is important

I found this great blog post this morning (indeed, many of my posts start out that way!) about the importance of critical reading.  Because I just spent a number of days at Campbell Collegiate discussing Why Reading is Important, the previous post appeared at just the right time.  I thought it was very insightful and … Continue reading

Les blogs & les outils de technologie

Ce vendredi passé, j’ai présenté avec des autres professeurs à notre journée de développement professionnelle pour les professeurs en immersion.  La journée était remplie avec des ateliers engageants par les conseillères pédagogiques ainsi que d’autres professeurs du système public de Regina. Nos présentations mettaient l’emphase sur le blog et son rôle comme outil de communication … Continue reading