Technology Integration

In 2011-2012, I was a member of the Thom Technology Catalyst Team.  Our main focus was to integrate technology into instructional practice and to find ways to engage and motivate students, thus increasing student achievement.

The TTCT wiki site can be found here.

I hope, as I work with different staff members and students in a wide variety of schools, that I will be able to share some of the great ideas that we explored through this committee.

Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship / iCitizenship (Gone Virtual Ed. Consulting)

ISTE Standards for Students

ISTE Standards for Teachers

Wordle / Word Cloud applications

12 valuable word cloud tips

108 ways to use word clouds in the classroom

QR Codes & use in the classroom

50 uses of QR codes in the classroom

Where the classroom ends

QR codes bring Art & Poetry to life

QR codes to extend learning

4t presentation on QR codes

Livebinder link on QR presentation

Suggested sites to create QR code activities: (allows you to track the usage of the code)

General technology use

Free technology tools for teachers

WW2 and the National Film Board

Social Media for Educators

100 ways to use Facebook in the classroom

Pinterest for educators

Here is a link to an article about pinterest for educators, if you are interested.

Also – there are a couple of educators to follow on pinterest –

Tina Wahlert –

Jenni Yinling –

Projects & Classroom assignments

I just wanted to share a project from a student.  I wasn’t sure if it would work – but she did a great job!  Her task was to create a pinterest account and select images that represented the play we are studying.  The instructions included an explanation on the need to document the original source of the image.  So – she did it well for the most part but still has a couple ‘google images’ that she needs to cite.

Here is the link – have a look!

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